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The 4-Month Sleep Regression

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Just when you hit a good routine with your newborn, the 4-month sleep regression comes from out of nowhere and takes your nights by storm.

Maybe you aren’t even aware that your baby is going through a sleep regression. Maybe you’re all of a sudden wondering:

Why is my baby waking up 40 minutes after bedtime?

Or even:

What’s up with my 4 month old taking short naps?!

My friend, you’ve likely entered the territory of a sleep regression.

My son’s sleep was awful from the day he was born, but, if you can even believe it, it got worse. I noticed a shift in his sleep, and I knew I couldn’t continue on, hoping that he would grow out of his sleep habits.

Taking the time to tackle his sleep regression has made such a positive impact on his overall sleep, and it’s saved me so much of my sanity. Now, at 26 months old, he’s an amazing sleeper. And if he’s gone through any other sleep regressions aside from the one at 4-months, his sleep hasn’t been impacted.