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Longer stretches of sleep. Solid naps. A predictable schedule. No, it’s not impossible. From sleepless nights to restful nights, Lucia can take you there! The results are life-changing! 



I'm Lucia Almeida-Oliveira and I can’t wait to show you a new world of rest.

Parenthood is hard. Sleep shouldn't have to be! My passion is helping exhausted parents avoid sleep deprivation. I've been there and it's so HARD! I made it to the other side and want to help YOU make that transformation from exhausted, mentally depleted, on a rollercoaster of emotions to feeling empowered, confident, and well-rested! 

Yes, parenting is challenging, but having a strong support system can make all the difference.



There are a variety of services to help you establish healthy, age-appropriate sleep habits for your little one. Take a look below.



Working with Lucia was amazing! She was constantly there for me whether it was to listen to any struggles or concerns I had, or to offer me advice on how I should handle a situation. She really got to know me and my family and used that to help us create the perfect sleep plan. After the sleep training, my family is so much happier! We’re all getting meaningful sleep and don’t feel like we’re constantly living in a state of “what if” anymore.

Lucia is the cheerleader that everyone needs! She really gets to know your family and works with you every step of the way. Lucia is super flexible and makes you feel comfortable throughout the sleep training process. Thank you so much for all of your help through this process. You’ve helped us not only sleep again, but have given me the confidence boost I needed after feeling defeated with his sleeping issues

Ally H

We are very thankful to Lucia for all the support and knowledge she shared. Lucia helped us sleep train our 7 months old and after the program he is sleeping through the night, every night. This means we parents are sleeping through the nights. Our lives have improved so drastically since we have all be sleeping. We can't thank Lucia enough. It was worth every penny!

David & Laura R


Empowering & supporting moms virtually get restful sleep so that they feel confident and rejuvenated after working with me! 

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